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St Enoch Shopping Centre – Glasgow

Photo - St Enochs shopping centre, Glasgow

The largest glazed roof structure in Europe
Two ply clear laminate film and edge retention
system to provide overhead glass containment.

We supply the best choice, most certified and highest performing products from our quality driven professional grade premium range of polyester window films. Dymond Products Ltd is the UK/European Appointed Distributors for Garware Window Films from the only true window film manufacturing company in the world with a vertically integrated production process.

The Dymond Brand has everything from being the most extensively tested and certified safety/security film product range available with total traceability that is now a prerequisite in today’s world through to a comprehensive choice of Solar Reflective, IR (Nano Technology) films and a new range of sputtered films together with the traditional speciality and automotive window film products.

Your business can take advantage of all the benefits associated with working with products specifically designed to meet your customers exacting demands with the knowledge that the product your organisation is specifying meets the highest expectations.

Everybody looks for added value products these days and now the Dymond Products Brand brings you even more.


We also bring you Dymond Platinum Edge Retention Systems. The advantages of high-tensile strength safety/security window films are further increased when used in conjunction with edge retention, providing an all important anchor. The precious element in enhanced protection.

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